“…The enrichment of intergenerational dialogue, the enrichment of exchange and the value of realizing that we need one another, that we have to work to create channels and spaces that encourage dreaming of and working for tomorrow, starting today. And this, not in isolation, but rather side by side, creating a common space. A space that is not simply taken for granted, or won in a lottery, but a space for which you too must fight. You young people must fight for your space today, because life is living for today. No one can make promises to you about a day in the future. Your life today is today. Your taking risks is today. Your space is today…You, dear young people, are not the future. We like to say, ‘you are the future.’ No, you are the present… We are on a journey, keep walking, keep living the faith and sharing the faith. Do not forget that you are not the tomorrow, you are not the ‘meantime’; you are the now of God.”

Apostolic Journey of His Holiness Pope Francis to Panama on the Occasion of the 34th World Youth Day, Holy Mass for World Youth Day, 27 January 2019.

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