“One of the fundamental tasks of those actively involved in international economic matters is to achieve for mankind an integral development in solidarity, that is to say, ‘it has to promote the good of every person and of the whole person’. To achieve this task requires a vision of the economy that, on the international level, guarantees an equitable distribution of resources and that is responsive to awareness of the interdependence — economic, political and cultural — that today unites people definitively among themselves and makes them feel linked by a sole destiny. Social problems increasingly take on a global dimension. No State can face these alone and find a solution. The present generations have direct experience of the need for solidarity and are concretely aware of the necessity to move beyond an individualistic culture. There is an ever wider awareness of the need for models of development that seek to take on the task not only ‘of raising all peoples to the level currently enjoyed by the richest countries, but rather of building up a more decent life through united labour, of concretely enhancing every individual’s dignity and creativity, as well as his capacity to respond to his personal vocation, and thus to God’s call.'”

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 373 

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