Greeting of the Holy Father

The Holy Father offered these words to the participants of the 2019 Forum at the conclusion of the Private Audience held 7 December 2019:

Cooperating in shared projects makes the value of our works even more evident, since it brings out something connatural to the Church: her communion, her journeying together (syn-odos) in the same mission in service of the common good, through “co-responsibility” and the contribution of everyone. Your Forum wishes to be an example in this regard. As a result, the projects that you carry out in different places, by joining forces with other Catholic organizations and in communion with your Pastors and the Representatives the Holy See to International Organizations, will have the expanding effect of the leaven of the Gospel and the light and power of the earliest Christians. Today’s world is calling for new boldness and new imagination in opening new paths of dialogue and cooperation, in order to promote a “culture of encounter”, where, in accordance with the creative plan of God, the dignity of every human person is foremost. Dear friends, the Church and the Pope need your work, your commitment and your witness at the frontiers of the international community. The word “frontier” for you is full of meaning. Move forward with courage and ever-renewed hope.

See the full text of the discourse here.

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